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    heeeeyooo, tommy(charles) here! your local webmaster :3

    im not very good at doing introductions, but here goes! im tommy, male, 18 and of nigerian descent. i enjoy science and creative arts, and plan to become a geneticist when i graduate. i've actually already completed a slew of medical/healthcare university courses and passed them with flying colors while taking high school courses on the side. if you see me mention my old university classes, that's why.
    update, i am actually in university now. yay! having a lot of fun, going to conferences, getting silly and fuckin shit UP
    i'm pretty mentally ill, but it doesnt affect me too much nowadays [on god]. im described by friends and family as nice, pretty, intelligent, and a little strange. some people are convinced my brain is just a little crab controlling me, which is fairly accurate as to how i act.

    as i said, i'm interested in science and creative arts. mainly [forensic] psychology and genetics in regards to science, and music, digital art, and fashion in regards to creatives. im a volunteer/worker with a lot of scientific bodies, and currently jfashion is my special interest!

    you can find my socials on the left! feel free to dm me on insta and add my discord anytime, im always happy to have a conversation!

    thanks for reading !

    "suepr coolnadyoy auceba cool stuke and cool insterest:!)" "god :)" "epicawesomeness" "Silly guy" "angelic omniscient being [this was from my boyfriend but im counting it]" "friend shaped" "Awesome" "Creative, Chill, super smart, super sweet!! Cery funny" "Silly sweet and smart" "AWESOME PAWSOME" "silly little thangu thang. the Boything ever. Tommy charles (trademark)" "intellgent guy who dresses really nice and is really funny" "very normal. not weird at all. the most normal and sane being. definitely mentally stable" "mentally disturbed but makes it look cool" "Silly ^_^" "Fashionable and funny!" "stylish, maybe a little unhinged" "little rabid mouse" "indescribable entity" "god of raw ground beef :) [dont ask]" "friend :)" "extravagant" "story spammer on instagram" "creative" "kuromi kinnie" "evil" "an enigma but very smart and cool and awesome fashion sense" "you are a silly guy" "fella who posts birds" <- "and loses his shit"

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    pretty things, going outside, having fun with friends, frolicking, mind-melting music, those jelly lychee things, analog horror before it was cool, horror, wendigoon, critikal, pyrocynical, cody ko/noel miller, video essays!!!
    edgelords, fast fashion, "japancore", minimalism, western medicine + western psych, modern politics and neoliberalism
    fav foods
    brussel sprouts [if you dont like brussel sprouts youre cooking them wrong], garlic, raw ground beef [DO NOT ASK], mushrooms, lobster
    fav drinks
    tea, most fizzy drinks, aloe vera juice, obligatory bubble tea mention, strawberry smoothies
    fav music
    arctic monkeys, old falling in reverse, the living tombstone, pierce the veil, dadaroma, malice mizer, dir en grey, old p!atd, tiny meat gang, obligatory mychem mention, mitski, waterparks, aphex twin + more
    fav birds
    sparrows, japanese white eyes, lovebirds, button quails, barn owls, doves, all finches, budgies, bulbuls <3
    people i dont like
    TERFS (Die), dream SMP fans, genshinners, white libs, internet discoursers of any kind, people who believe in NPD/BPD abuse, and those creepy incest/r*pe/whatever shippers. yk, basic shit.

    i'm a pretty open minded guy and get along with most people, but dont get cocky. you are a stranger on the internet, and i block liberally.

    things i grew up with! to give you an idea of who i matured into. all cred to this dude