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hello, and welcome to my website! i'm in the middle of an autistic stupor and have a newfound hyperfixation on web design + coding, so i decided to make this!

feel free to look around! this website is NOT finished, and probably wont be for some time, so please keep that in mind ^_^

i try to give credit, but im pretty forgetful honestly please let me know ASAP if i forgot to, or if you dont want your things here!!! most credits can be found when hovering over an image. on the topic of credit, i took a lot of inspo for this front page from DOKODEMO.NEOCITIES.ORG! check out his amazing site below.

im not sure what else to put here...so good bye for now! :-D !

here are a few of my faaavorite things!


pixel pixel

  • medicalcore
  • vkei fashion
  • c-lt party kei
  • dolly kei
  • scemo
  • himegyaru
  • gurokawa
  • vampire goth
  • yamikawaii
  • y2k
  • EGL
  • angura kei
  • shironuri
  • archive fashion
  • Navigate