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100 questions for a lolita (fan) ! 

technically i'll just be applying this to all of alt fashion tho ^_^
the number will be *'d when i apply something to
all fashion, not just lolita


1. Please tell us your Name, Birthday and Where You're From.

my name is tommy/charles and im from nigeria! :D but reside in canada

2. What is your Height, Weight, Clothes Size and Shoe Size?

im usually a small/medium in tops and an xs/small in pants! shoe size is 8 mens/10 womens

3.* Why did you start wearing Lolita Alternative Fashion?


4. What's your favourite genre(style) of Lolita?


5. Are you committed to the above or do you have your own definition?


6. Do you have any piercings, and if so how many?

3 ear and planning to get a lip piercing soon :D

7. What is your favourite brand?

putumayo, bpn, and moi meme :)

8. What is your favourite piece of clothing?


9.* How many Lolita Alternative friends do you have?

not very many πŸ˜” i did directly contribute to one of my friends getting a lolita dress from ozz on [i take full credit ash] but im friends with a few lolitas online !

10.* What is the best thing about being Lolita Alternative?

THE FREEDOM !!! it helps me feel confident in my own skin, i never go out in 'regular' clothes anymore its just unnatural

11.* On the contrary, what is the worst?

inappropriate comments and assumptions. im lucky to have only overheard one or twoinappropriate comment but it's still jarring

12. What magazine(s) do you read?

like publications? i have a g&l bible and want to get a fruits one. i read a few different fashion mags when i can come by em. my dad really likes fashion so he got an alexander mcqueen mag for me when he was making a purchase there

13. Headdresses v Bonnets v Ribbons (Headbands)?

ribbons. forever.

14. Do you wear bloomers?

i have ozz croce bloomers and i plan to get a ton more ! theyre so comfy and cute

15. Do you tie your headdress in the front or the back?

front cause then you can see the lil bow

16. Do you have a favourite music genre or band?

old emo music and visual kei

17. What is your phone ringtone?

lazy by the living tombstone....

18.* Do you go to lives/concerts in Lolita Alternative dress?

ive only been to one live show but when i went i went in alternative wear :) got a lot of compliments!

19. For those that go to lives/concerts, do you headbang?

very lightly... my hair clips would fly off and my hair would frizz otherwise. i do mosh though >:)

20. What colours do you like?

black, red, white, and now blue and a tentative pink.

21. What are your hobbies?

drawing, coding, researching science, going to the gym

22. What is your favourite perfume?

my dads cologne and louis vuitton :)

23.* Being Lolita Alternative, is there anything you are careful of?


24. Where do you usually hang out?

my musty teenage boy room BUT i do go to a shit ton of local markets both by myself and with friends. i also terrorize my local thrift stores

25.* How many times do you wear Lolita Alternative fashion a week?


26.* Please tell us an embarrassing story you are guilty of from your early days of wearing Lolita Alternative fashion.

pairing expensive alternative clothes with my old regular ones and not knowing how to style accessories πŸ˜”

27. What is your hairstyle and hair colour now?

very curly and kinda longish for a dude, split dyed with
black and red :) and i always have hair bows on

28.* How long is your Lolita Alternative history?

ive been alternative since i was around 10-11, when i was OBSESSEDD with emo music and punk culture and hot topic and menhera aesthetics and lolita. im 17 now, its a good run so far!

29.* Do you have a dedicated place for storing Lolita Alternative clothes?

closet. floor. bed.

30.* Up to now have you ever thought about quitting Lolita Alternative fashion?


31. What is your motto?


32. What is your future dream?

to be a fashion influencer on the side but mainly a geneticist :)

33. Is there any celebrity you think "This person definitely suits Lolita!"?


34. Please tell us about an item that is full of memories


35. What is the very first item you got?

visual kei pants from diet grrrl (taobao) that i styled Very badly. but i adored them, even though theyre a bit busted now

36. When having your photo taken, do you have a pose you always do?

peace sign ✌️

37. What is your bible? (Book, Magazine, CD etc)


38. What is the height of the tallest shoes you wear?

3 inch demonias but i need taller ones!!!!

39. Have you ever worn a tiara?

sadly no but i have been accused of being both a figurative nigerian prince (a scammer) and a literal nigerian prince (wealthy nigerian royalty) by te same person. does that count?

40. Occasionally do you want to try Ouji?


41. What kind of lace do you like?


42. Do you have dolls? If you do please tell us about her!


43.* What's inside your Lolita bag?

hello kitty wallet, louis vuitton perfume, naxolone (i support harm reduction n my city has a bad opioid crisis), ipad, chargers, nd homework

44. What's your favourite flower?

oleander :-)

45. What is your favourite accessory right now?

my alchemy gothic necklace and my white cross choker

46. What is your favourite or recommended cosmetics?


47. Big and beautiful eyes are the proof of a doll! So, do you wear false eyelashes? Also if you have any tips for application please tell us.


48. Please tell us your eye makeup fixation.


49. Is your lipstick red? Blue? Black? Pink?

no lipstick!

50. What colour do you use often for your manicures?

red and black only atm... and the middle design needs to be a strawberry

51. Have you ever stealthily changed into your clothes in a train (or public) toilet?


52.* Have you ever done a twinning coord? A triplet coord? What are your thoughts?


53. What do you do to keep your figure? Any recommendations?

i dont do nothin lolita is for all figures

54.* Wearing Lolita Alternative dress alone. Are you okay with it?

well i have to πŸ˜”

55. How much do you spend a month on clothes and accessories?


56.* Was there a considerable time difference between when you found out about Lolita Alternative fashion and when you started wearing it?


>57. What is the most expensive thing you've bought up to now?


58.* Lolita Jfashion is really expensive. How to get money for it?


59.* Just between the two of us, generally how much have you spent on Lolita Alternative clothes altogether up until now? the very least over 1000.

60. What shop do you want close to you?


61. Just between the two of us, are there any shops you think are a total ripoff?


62. Do you use online shops? If you have what are the good and bad points about it? If you haven't, please tell us why.


63. γ‘γ‚‡γ£γ¨η§˜ε―†γ«γ—γ¨γγŸγ„γ‘γ©η§γ γ‘γ«γ‚³γƒƒγ‚½γƒͺβ˜†γͺε€‹δΊΊθ£½δ½œγ‚΅γ‚€γƒˆγ•γ‚“γ‚’ζ•™γˆγ¦γγ γ•γ„ ["Tell us of a personal site."]

this one !!! :-D !

64. I definitely won't get it! But I really really want it! Do you have a certain something from a certain brand that you want?


65. What do you do with pieces you get bored of?

gift them to friends or donate to my local pwyw thrift store

66. What is the last thing you bought (even outside of Lolita)?


67. Is there something you'll probably never have it again, but you can't forget about?


68. What do you think of people that wear lolita only to lives/concerts?

whatever floats their boat !!

69. What do you think of people that don't wear makeup with lolita fashion?


70.* There's a Lolita an Alternative person wearing the same coord as you! What do you think?


71. From what age until what age do you think is forgivable to wear Lolita?


72.* In what situation do you think you would have to stop wearing Lolita Alternative dress?


73. Do you have any "Stop doing this!" warnings?

accusing every blk person in eyeliner of asianfishing abeg

74. Do you have any thoughts about what a Lolita should be like?


75. Excluding Q.73, is there anything you don't want a Lolita to do?


76. What do you think of boys wearing Lolita?


77.* Since wearing Lolita Alternative fashion has anything about you changed from before?


78.* What do the people around you say about you wearing Lolita Alternative fashion?


79.* In the midsummer heat what kind of Lolita Alternative clothes do you wear?


80.* Do you wear Lolita Alternative clothes to school/your workplace?

YES. ALWAYS. there is not a single day that i have not work alternative clothes to my school They love it

81. What are your regular style of clothes?


82. Are you opposed to second hand clothing?


83. Do you have a partner? And do they understand Lolita?


84. Please tell us the image of your ideal guy.


85. Is there a Lolita that has left a big impression on you?


86. Have you ever made your own clothes? If so what kind?


87. Have you ever made your own accessories? If so what?


88. Is there an item you've made that you think "It's a great success!"?


89. If you have an ideal coord, please talk about it.


90. Is there someone you admire? What kind of person are they?


91. For one day you can go on a date with that special person. They will also be wearing their favourite clothes. So who is it, what are you wearing and where is the date?


92. If you could open a shop in the future, what kind would it be?


93. Unconsciously, this catches your eye! Which motif is it?


94. Would you also want your child(ren) to wear Lolita?

yes!!! i think its so empowering

95. How much do you spend on each piece of clothing?


96. This is a Lolita! If you think there's a gesture like that please tell us.


97. Even if it's only one time I wanna wear it! Is there something you want to wear other than Lolita?


98.* Looking at your Lolita Alternative fashion, if you could use one word to represent it, what would it be?


99. What is your image of an ideal Lolita?


100. ε€§ε€‰γŠη–²γ‚Œζ§˜γ§γ—γŸοΌ Please share your thoughts on taking this questionnaire.


- got this idea from cementgarden ! -

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